Three Tips For Parents Raising Introverted Children

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Family

Children are born with personalities as unique as their fingerprints. Some are bold, outspoken and adventurous. Others are reserved, cautious, and observant. Many are a mixture of both. However, as a parent, it’s important that you learn your child’s personality and provide the support they need in order to thrive. While many children fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to personality types, some land firmly amongst the introverted. Here are three tips for raising an introverted child.

1. Time To Recharge

Introverted people need time to themselves to recharge. For children who are frequently in social settings, like school and extracurricular activities, this need to recoup is especially important. After a long day of socializing, your little one may be less talkative or want to spend quiet time alone. It’s also helpful to understand that some introverted children may become a bit irritable if they can’t find the space or time needed to recharge. Try to remember, your introverted child loves the time you spend together, they just may need a little time to themselves too. 

2. Inform Others of Their Preferences 

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an adage that all positive influences in your child’s life will try to uphold. Therefore, it’s only right that you help others understand the main differences that come with being introverted. In social situations (i.e. recess, birthday parties, group work, etc.) your child may want to: observe before joining in, stick with only a few familiar friends, or listen instead of speak. Family members, friends, and teachers who aren’t aware may unintentionally push your child to be more involved in efforts to help. By letting other adults know your child’s specific introverted preferences, you can ensure they feel comfortable no matter whose supervision they’re under. 

3. Don’t Try to Change Them

Last, but not least, realize that your child’s introverted personality isn’t something that needs to be changed. The umbrella of introversion comes with many wonderful qualities that your child should be proud of and celebrated for. Although working to understand some of the personality differences may take time for extroverted parents, there’s nothing about your child that needs to be “fixed.” Accept them for who they are, love them completely, and they will grow up to be well-rounded adults.  

Children are precious and their personalities make them who they are. By allowing them to be themselves, you instill in them a sense of self-confidence and esteem that they will rely on as they grow. If you have an introverted child, use these three tips to encourage them to continue to express their personality freely.