Professional Development

Success Demands Discipline

Whether you’re chasing after big goals or small goals, it’s important to be persistent and consistent. In the pursuit of achieving those goals, you’ll find that it takes a tremendous amount of discipline to be successful. Ask anyone who has achieved a high level of...

A martial artist with a black belt, bows in a dark room.

Three Ways Laughter Can Power Up Your Lifestyle

“You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” - Michael Pritchard To achieve anything worthy in life, you are often advised to be serious and committed. Success is a coveted prize everybody longs for and we all know that it...


3 Tips to Avoid Procrastination This Year

2018 is the year you bid farewell to procrastination––your old friend who somehow pushes off the most important tasks to the mystical land of tomorrow. However, we both know that procrastination was never anyone’s key to overwhelming success. So this year do...

3 Tips to Avoid Procrastination This Year