Personal Development

Exercise Your Brain Now and Forever

As we get older, we’re all worried about staying mentally sharp. None of us wants to be the person who forgets to shut the stove off when we leave the house or fills the car with diesel instead of gas. We all want to maintain control of our minds and bodies and...

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Personal Development

Make the Most of Your Situation

We all have different circumstances that we live by. And most of us have ambitions and aspirations. Some people believe that their circumstances prevent them from chasing those dreams of success and fulfillment. We’re here to point out that that’s not true. But...

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Personal Development

Try Being Authentic

No matter what industry you work in, a lot of success comes down to the connections you have. After all, the sayings “I know a guy,” or, “That guy has some connections,” don’t exist for no reason. Those phrases often have the connotation that, because of the people...

Colored pencils are arranged in a row with letter tiles above them spelling out the phrase “Be yourself.”

Building Teamwork in Your Marriage

Marriage is about partnership and working together. People don’t get married to work in opposite directions. Marriage means committing to one another for life. You can only make sure that commitment stays healthy, strong, and meaningful by working together. That’s...

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