Three Ways Laughter Can Power Up Your Lifestyle

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Humor

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old.
You grow old because you stop laughing.” Michael Pritchard

To achieve anything worthy in life, you are often advised to be serious and committed. Success is a coveted prize everybody longs for and we all know that it takes real effort and hardwork to attain it. To end up triumphant, you will rarely hear someone say that you should be carefree and playful. Does it mean that a sure road to victory entails keeping a straight face all the time? Thankfully, the answer is no

We crave success because it brings happiness. But you do not have to stay solemn and glum while trying to accomplish it. It is a given that it possible to reach great goals while having fun. Life will hand you over your share of burdens but you can lighten its weight with a bit of humor. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Applied Research proves a positive connection between laughter therapy and improved quality of life. In addition, a healthy sense of humor is actually a sign of psychological stability and strong character. This means that to breeze easily through life, you need the ability to laugh at yourself. Humor and laughter can indeed help improve your overall well being and lifestyle in the following ways.

Gives you a flourishing career.

The workplace can be a source of stress which can lead to fatigue and ultimately unproductivity. Injecting fun into the workplace is a good way to advance in the career ladder. Humor can make a huge task seem easy and aids in beating stress. The best employees are those who can satisfactorily cope with stress. Choosing to laugh instead of sulk at work signifies that you enjoy what you do. This allows you to be more productive and do efficient work.

Nurtures your relationships.

Your mood affects the people around you, so it is understandable if no one wants to be with a whiny and anxious person. You can easily gain and retain friends if you have an easygoing and jolly personality. Your approachable and relaxed attitude can pave the way to happier and more meaningful relationships. At home, it will help you become a better parent and spouse. In your job, you will be a more effective leader or employee.

Keeps diseases away.

You’ve probably heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine and this quote is backed by many studies. One is a research study from the University of Maryland Medical Center which reveals  laughter boosts the function of blood vessels, which is essential to keeping the heart healthy. Laughter has been known to release feel good hormones, which makes it easier to have a happier disposition and positive outlook. Instead of relying on medication, how about spending some time giggling? Laughter may prove to be more effective in keeping many diseases at bay.

So are you dreaming of happy relationships? Do you want to display exemplary performance in the office? Is it your aim to be healthier? All of these goals will be much easier to attain if you don’t forget to add humor into your everyday life. Besides, if you are enjoying and learning along the way, you are already a winner. So loosen up and do not take things too seriously. A dose of laughter can truly save the day!