Laden With Aches and Pains? Humor Therapy Can Help

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Humor

When you laugh, your mind, body, and spirit change.
–  Mark Twain

Physical pain is something that we all try to avoid as much as we can. Yet sometimes unexpected illness or accidents can bring us face-to-face with excruciating and debilitating pain. It can be a worse torture if medications do not seem to work. In instances when crying your pain away fails to make you feel better, you may simply want to laugh the aches away. This fun and unique treatment called humor therapy may just be the cure you need.

How effective is humor therapy?

To say that humor can make you forget the pain you are feeling is no joke. Many scientific studies state the healing benefits you can get from enjoying a good laugh. Research published by the Journal of Nursing Practice concludes that humor therapy greatly helped reduce the chronic pain felt by patients of all ages. Another study done by Swiss researchers says that laughter helps increase pain tolerance.  

Aside from the studies mentioned, science has long confirmed that a good sense of humor can improve our overall well-being. Among other things, laughing can strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure. It can also prevent heart problems and may aid in losing weight. With all the good things that can happen by choosing to laugh more, it is not so hard to believe that it also has the power to ease away pain.

Ways to Use Humor to Ease Pain

Try laughter yoga

Laughing is an instant mood booster. A happy giggle is even contagious, and being in a room full of smiling people can instantly lift your spirits. This is why you are likely to benefit from being around a group of happy, laughing people. You can further maximize this group activity by engaging in a laughter yoga session. This kind of exercise encourages participants to laugh even with no reason at all. Along with breathing and meditation techniques, laughter yoga can surprisingly be the best medicine you need to keep aches and pains at bay. It is no wonder that this therapy is often offered in nursing homes and caregiver institutions.

Create a funny environment

Our surroundings affect us more than we think so if you are already in pain, it is important to create a cheerful and positive environment.  Beat away the aches and the sour mood that goes with it by putting away things that can remind one of suffering or misery. Instead of watching movies with sad endings, you may want to play comedies. Or instead of sad songs, fill the air with jolly tunes.  Instead of sharing painful stories, it may be better to exchange funny anecdotes or jokes. The positive environment can make you feel better and distract you from any pain you may be having.

Pain is something no one wants to experience. But if you ever do, take comfort in the thought that there is always a cure. And sometimes it can be as simple and natural as a good laugh.