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How to Be Productive While Working Remotely

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In today’s world, an increasing number of companies are allowing employees to telecommute. Some even fill positions that are primarily remote. With this shift in structure, more people are tackling the challenge of working out-of-office. Although working from home comes with plenty of perks, it can also be riddled with distractions. Here are three hacks to help you be productive while working remotely.

1. Set Parameters

The first step in creating a productive workday is setting parameters that will help you stay focused. Take a moment to imagine your ideal workspace.

  • Is it secluded and quiet, or spacious and buzzing? 
  • Which helps you more? Dressing as if you were in-office, or donning cozy pajamas? 
  • Do you think best when sitting, or standing, at a desk? Or do you function best when nestled on a comfortable sofa? 

Once you’ve ironed out the specifics, center your workspace around things that contribute to your productivity.

2. Get Some Air

As convenient as it is to be able to complete a full day’s work, without ever leaving your bed, fresh air can actually boost your productivity level. Studies have shown that fresh air can lead to “significantly better decision-making performance,” in addition to improving strategizing and preparedness skills. So, schedule regular breaks to step away from the screen and venture outside for some fresh air.

3. Set Time Limits

The final tip to increase productivity is to instate time limits.

  • When telecommuting, your workday can easily extend into your off-work time. Failing to set time boundaries can cause burnout, effectively lowering your overall productivity. 
  • Contrarily, activities that were meant to be short breaks, may turn into lengthy distractions. In this scenario, your work suffers because of your divided attention. 

On both sides of the coin, unstructured time can lead to unintended outcomes. Be intentional about establishing time limits for both your work and your breaks.

Telecommuting can be a welcomed change if you create a plan to ensure your success. By using these three productivity hacks, you’ll improve your efficiency, even when working from home. 



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