Getting the Most Out of Your Free Time

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Personal Development

In today’s world we seem to pride ourselves on how hard we work in our careers and how we choose to use our free time. This is how we grow and become better at what we do. What really sets the go-getters apart from the rest is that we never stop trying to improve and better ourselves. 

The time you spend working should be spent doing your best to improve your business goals. Your free time is the time when you can give back and improve yourself. Most people take this time to relax and do as little as possible, but this is valuable time just waiting to be used. Looking for some advice on how to make the most of your time- off?  

Let us help you get started. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time either!

Pick Up a New Hobby

Free time is a perfect opportunity to try new things. The more hobbies and interests you find yourself involved with, the more opportunities will come your way. Look at it this way: you could spend your weekend sitting on the couch and lounging, or you could get out there and pick up a new skill.  

A new hobby can help relieve stress and give you something to look forward to when work becomes difficult. Some hobbies can even help you bring in additional income—the choice should be an easy one. 

Want a few ideas on fun and exciting new hobbies? Check these out: 

  • Fishing 
  • Joining a book club 
  • Hiking 
  • Photography 
  • Sewing 
  • Learning to play an instrument  
  • Jigsaw puzzles 
  • Learning to cook foods from another culture 

Want even more examples of hobbies you could try out? Check out this list!

Become an Active Consumer of Media

A lot of people spend their free time consuming some sort of media. Binging on a new show, watching a movie, reading a book, or listening to a podcast are just a few of the ways that people spend their time. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but you have the power to choose what you take from each experience.   

When you sit down to watch a movie or television show, are you committing your full attention? Are you absorbing the message and intention of the story? The same can be asked about music and podcasts. Being able to take in all aspects of what you are consuming and being able to analyze your feelings about it is easier said than done.  

Make a habit of recording your feelings about what you are listening to or watching. It doesn’t even need to be something you share with other people (although talking about pop culture is an easy way to strike up a conversation). The website is designed to serve as your own personal film diary. You can keep a record of what you have watched, and how you would personally rate each title. It’s always important to know how you feel versus what others have to say about it.

Focus on Self-Care

Using your free time to advance yourself is important for self-growth, but it is equally as important to take some of that time to take care of yourself. Have some time set aside to let your body rest. Do something for your own pure enjoyment, like taking a walk outside, enjoying a decadent dessert, or sleeping in past the time you usually wake up. 

Not only is self-care good for your mental health, but some research has also found that regular self-care routines can help physical health as well. Just because you’re paying attention to what you want and what brings you satisfaction does not mean that you are being selfish. Get the rest you need, but do it with the intent of getting only what you require and then get back at it. It will prevent you from burn out later down the road.

It’s Your Time

Your free time is yours to spend at your will. Using it to help yourself become a happier and more productive person will never be a mistake and wasting it will only hurt you in the long run. It belongs to you, so why not make the most of it?

If you already consume positive and beneficial media in your free time but you don’t feel like the information is sticking, you might need to work on developing your concentration! If this sounds like you, check out our blog “Improving Your Concentration and Attention.”