Four Ways To Use Humor for Career Growth

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Humor

Humor is a very serious thing.
– Winston Churchhill

Do you want a faster way to speed up success in your chosen career? The typical advice you will hear is to develop traits that are associated with achievers such as diligence, grit, and perseverance. However, aside from these commendable attitudes, there is another area that must not be taken for granted – your sense of humor.  If you are always being seen as playful and comical, be reminded that these traits are not reasons for people to not take you seriously. In fact, your ability to enjoy a good laugh can greatly help you boost career growth and satisfaction. Here are a few ways to laugh your way up the corporate ladder:

Use humor to deliver presentations.

Presenting a project proposal or delivering a report to a group of people is one way to demonstrate your competence and knowledge in your field.  Thanks to humor; this task does not have to be such a nerve-wracking experience. A good joke can be a good way to introduce a topic because it will stir the interest of your audience. You can also share a funny anecdote to impress your audience. It will also ensure that your speech will not be boring.

Use humor to be happier at work.

Research says that people who develop good friendships with their colleagues tend to be happier at work that in turn leads to better work performance. Since we usually prefer to be around cheerful people, it is definitely easier for people who love to laugh to make friends. Your healthy sense of humor can also enliven up a workplace and lift everyone’s moods. Aside from improving relationships with your co-workers; you may also be seen as a valuable asset in an organization.

Use humor to overcome failures.

Failures are painful but if you wish to rise from it, you need to do something to push the negative emotions away.  Humor is a great weapon to use to overcome feelings of disappointment and helplessness. It will help you make light of the situation and gain strength to move forward and start over again.

Use humor to lead effectively.

Leaders may think twice about being funny for fear of not gaining respect from followers. However, by using humor the right way, leaders can work with their team in a more efficient manner. This is because leaders who are always laughing can easily develop good camaraderie with team members. It can also make an organization less stressful and boost the morale of your team.

Reminder: Having a good sense of humor is a gift that should be used responsibly. It means that your attempts to be funny should not offend or hurt anyone.  If you are not careful, your jokes can easily jeopardize your career.

Career satisfaction plays a big role in making our lives happy and meaningful. Isn’t it good to know that you can achieve this goal without the need to keep a serious front all the time? Your journey to career advancement can even be more rewarding with a few laughs along the way.