Three Ways to Encourage Yourself After a Setback

by | Dec 15, 2019 | Encouragement

Life is full of ups and downs. We all love celebrating stretches of happiness and success but know it’s only natural to eventually encounter bumps in the road. It’s how we choose to respond to those lows that determine how they affect our lives. So, here are three ways to encourage yourself after a setback.

  1. Realize You Aren’t Alone

One of the biggest consolations in facing a setback is knowing that experiencing such a stumbling block is universal. There’s no reason to be embarrassed or feel isolated. Be encouraged that you’ve encountered a human right of passage; misfortune. It doesn’t feel good and it’s often difficult to overcome, but it’s a necessary evil when growing into a stronger, more mature individual. Ask people around you to share their stories of setbacks and subsequent triumphs and let their tales inspire you and encourage you to hang in there.   

  1. Use It as a Lesson

Use your obstacle as fuel. Turn your setback into a comeback and let it motivate you to transform yourself into someone even greater than you were before. In every struggle, there is a lesson. Find it. Be introspective and discover the growth point you can take with you and learn from. Create a game plan that you’ll use going forward, and put everything else in your rearview mirror.

  1. Redirect Your Attention

Sometimes encouragement can come in the form of redirection. Instead of spending extended hours, days, and weeks mulling over what went wrong, you may benefit more from turning your focus toward more positive sources. Simply giving yourself permission and space to think of something new can be the motivation you need to get back on your feet. Redirecting attention may present itself in the form of meditation, investing your time in a hobby, or destressing with friends and family. No matter what you choose to focus on, make sure it brings you joy instead of further despair. 

When you fall, pick yourself up and dust the dirt off your shoulders. You are greater than your setbacks and don’t have to let them define you. Use these three tips to stay encouraged and focus on your next steps, and remember everything will be okay.