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How to Laugh at Life’s Frustrations

There’s no doubt that life is full of frustrations and disappointments. Nothing gets your blood boiling quite like bumper-to-bumper traffic, and don’t even get us started on waiting in long lines for what feels like an eternity. In those moments, it’s easy to sour...

how to laugh

3 Ways to Encourage Your Mentee

Your mentee looks to you for many things. They look to you, as their mentor, for guidance; they look for advice, and they look for wisdom. Sadly, though many mentees feel that their mentors satisfy all of these basic mentorship needs, they also feel that they’re...

encourage your mentee

3 Positive Alternatives to Time-Outs

Parenting is already difficult enough without having to factor in discipline. It seems like there are constantly new developments in parenting, and it’s hard to keep up—especially since all parents are just learning on the job. Luckily, there are some...

positive alternatives to time-outs

How to Move Past Imperfection as a Leader

Nobody’s perfect. That’s just a universal truth that’s been around for as long as the concept of perfection has been around. Sadly, the people who are most susceptible to dismissing this notion are the ones who need to embrace it most. Leaders come under intense...

move past imperfection