The Best Ways to Foster a More Encouraging Family Environment

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Encouragement

A happy home is a positive home. And the best way to make sure your home environment is as positive as possible is to constantly emphasize encouragement. It’s so important to make sure your family members are always there for each other because family is arguably the most important relationship of all. Here are some of the best ways to foster a more encouraging family environment, so your home stays positive, happy, and healthy.

Be the example of encouragement

Parents play a major role in establishing the habits and attitudes of their kids. So make sure your kids adopt the best qualities from you by living life with an encouraging attitude day in and day out. Encourage your children in everything they do academically, athletically, and otherwise. But also make sure your children are around to witness you encourage your spouse as often as possible. In doing so, they will understand the importance of living life with an encouraging attitude just as you do.

Use extracurricular activities to teach encouragement

Extracurriculars provide the perfect opportunity to teach encouragement because they also typically incorporate a level of competition as well. Teach your children the importance of adopting the perfect balance between encouragement and competition. Whether your children play sports, play instruments, create art, or are involved in theatre, be sure you teach your children encouraging habits no matter what happens in their activities. If someone else gets the part they wanted in the play, tell them to congratulate the other person. Make sure they shake their opponent’s hand after any kind of competition. Always remind them that sportsmanship and a team-player attitude speaks volumes about someone’s character.

Always always always encourage your children to chase their dreams

Most importantly, treat your children with the encouragement you would want them to live their life with. No matter what their interests, skill level, or dreams are, never shoot them down. Children who feel encouraged by their family to reach their goals are often the ones that do––and they do so with an encouraging attitude to boot. So be sure your children know that no matter what happens in life, their family will always be there to support them along the way.

It’s so important to make sure your children are surrounded by examples of encouragement each day. Follow these three tips to foster a more encouraging family environment at home.