The Best Way to Travel With Your Family

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Family

Family trips are some of the most cherished memories you and your children will have for years to come. But, let’s be honest, the excitement that comes with an upcoming family vacation is also coupled with a bit of anxiety. Trust us, we know how difficult it can be to plan a trip for the whole family and make sure everyone is happy. Follow these tips to make sure your next vacation is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible – even with children running in every direction.  

The Best Way to Travel With Your Family

Get everyone involved in planning

When planning the itinerary, make sure there is something for everyone on the to-do list. This doesn’t mean that everyone is going to be thrilled about the whole plan, but it does mean that everyone gets to do at least one thing they want to on the trip. The key to a successful family trip is to do everything you can to minimize complaining, and making sure the whole family is involved in planning the activities is your first step.

Establish the plan before you get there

This avoids unnecessary conflict, disagreements, and tension while you’re on the trip. Make sure everyone is aware and ready to cooperate with everything that’s planned on the schedule and any additional rules that may be necessary to implement on the trip. For instance, if you have young children, make sure they know they have to behave on mom’s museum trip in order to play at the park afterward. If you have teenagers, you may have to set a time that everyone needs to be out of bed and ready for the day, so you don’t end up wasting time in the mornings trying to pull your teen out of a deep sleep.

Start packing way earlier

It’s never too early. The earlier you start packing, the less stressed out you’ll be when it comes to getting everyone out the door on time. Inevitably, you’ll remember a million last minute things that need to get done before you leave town. But, if you already have packing out of the way, it may actually be possible to get it all done.

Bring snacks everywhere you go

Hunger becomes “hanger” (hunger + anger) when you’re stuck waiting in line at lunch time. Be prepared and carry extra snacks with you wherever you go. You never know when you’ll get stuck in traffic or when your plans won’t go as planned. Make sure you keep some extra snacks with you at all times, so you’re not empty-handed when your toddler, or your teen, starts begging for something to eat.

Don’t forget the emergency essentials

Whatever that means for you. You know your family best, so decide if you need to pack extra snacks, another bottle of sunscreen, a pack of cards, or all three. Make sure you’re prepared for the mini-catastrophes with your in-case-of-emergency bag. You can thank us later.

More than anything, do whatever it takes to make traveling with your whole family a breeze. The more prepared you are for this year’s family trip, the better memories you’ll make and keep with you for a lifetime.