Admirable Traits You Should Have For a Good Sense of Humor

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Humor

A person with a healthy sense of humor is a pleasure to be with. The positive energy and sunny disposition can brighten any room he or she enters. This is why many people would naturally prefer to hang out with someone who loves to laugh. Aside from spreading good vibes around, being funny also has tons of benefits for the persons themselves. Research says that laughter relieves stress and lowers risk for health problems. Thus, a good sense of humor is one trait everybody should strive to develop. However, it pays to remember that this trait requires more than the ability to crack jokes and appear hilarious. People who appreciate the importance of funny moments also display the following admirable traits: 


Having a good sense of humor doesn’t mean finding ways to embarrass a person or a situation. It mostly means having the humility to accept that you are not perfect and are prone to mistakes. This is why you do not tend to waste time mulling over errors and blaming yourself for it. Your humility allows you to see the humor in a situation because you do not think so highly about yourself.  


Challenges are part of life but to still find ways to smile in spite of the difficulties is a sign of a strong character. People who laugh a lot may appear shallow but their comical ways reveal high emotional intelligence. The ability to retain your sense of humor amidst problems is a cool way to avoid experiencing depression and nervous breakdown.

Funny people exhibit all the signs of an intelligent mind such as being witty, articulate, and alert. More often than not, they are able to deliver clever banters and amusing punchlines because of their vast general knowledge and rich experiences. This observation is also backed by research saying that being funny is linked to a higher intelligence quotient (IQ). Thus, if you wish to be the funny guy or girl the room, one of the first things to do is find ways to sharpen your minds.  


Laughter is contagious that is why it is such a delight to hang around humorous people. A few moments with them and you may suddenly find yourself giggling over some silly things. Another reason is because people with a good sense of humor love making people around them happy. In their own little way, they try to erase the frowns off people’s faces. Their effort of doing this reveals an attitude of compassion and kindness.

Life can already be stressful and complicated on its own so it is not such good advice to stay serious all the time. The best approach is to spread happiness by filling your days with laughter. And as you embrace your funny side, you may discover that you are also growing to be a better person.