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About Dan & Sandy Yuen™

Dan Yuen firmly believes that sacrifice in the short term is the ultimate key to long-term happiness and fulfillment, which is why he sacrificed his hobbies and social life when he was just starting out building his asset. He saw those minor, daily sacrifices as paling in comparison to the bright, promising future that lay ahead of him. Dan refused to let anything stop him from going after his goals.

Was Dan Yuen always a successful entrepreneur? No, absolutely not. Like most people who go on to start their own businesses, Dan had fairly humble beginnings. He grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, graduated from BCIT with a diploma of technology in Efficiency Study, and went on to work several different jobs. At times, he enjoyed the fruits of his hard labor, working his way up the corporate ladder. He’d see a few perks here and there, but in the end, it was all temporary material rewards. He longed for more.

Part of his motivation to succeed came from his parents. He had grown up watching them struggle financially, even though they owned and ran their own grocery store for close to 15 years. The Yuens were never poor, per se, but they worked themselves to the bone to provide for their family. Having that example set for him, Dan resolved to do better; he wanted to avoid that kind of strife for his own future family.

Luckily, Dan met a woman who shared his goals and vision for a life that was free of the traditional constraints: his future wife, Sandy.

Sandy opened up an entirely new chapter for Dan. Originally from Saskatoon, Sandy came from a small town background to experience life in the big city. She ran a corporate leasing firm, where she and Dan first met. Together, they navigated the complexities of building a business from the ground up in their mid-twenties. Both Sandy and Dan had seen and experienced the toll that the day-to-day grind could inflict. Fifty-to-sixty-hour workweeks became the norm for them at one point, and it was then that they knew they had to make a change.

It took a year of consistent effort for Sandy to be able to leave her corporate job at twenty-six years old, and it took another eighteen months after that for Dan to close the door on his corporate career at twenty-nine years old. They haven’t looked back since.

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