3 Tips to Avoid Procrastination This Year

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Encouragement

2018 is the year you bid farewell to procrastination––your old friend who somehow pushes off the most important tasks to the mystical land of tomorrow. However, we both know that procrastination was never anyone’s key to overwhelming success. So this year do whatever it takes to kick this habit to the curb. Make 2018 the year you chase after your dreams with unparalleled enthusiasm. Here are 3 tips to avoid procrastination this year.

How to Avoid Procrastination

Change your “have to” mentality

Your mindset has just as much to do with your success as your skillset does. So make sure you maintain a mindset that drives you to be the best and most productive version of yourself you can be. And the first place to start? Change your “have to” mentality to a “get to” mentality. Remind yourself of how fortunate you are to have the unique opportunity to chase after your dreams in such a big way. Not everyone is as blessed as you are.

Break down your big goals into smaller ones

One of the biggest reasons for procrastination is the daunting size of your goals because it’s hard to track the progress of small daily efforts against your big-time dreams. So much so, sometimes you go to bed feeling as if you aren’t making any progress at all. But breaking down your big goals into smaller milestones not only makes it easier to track your progress, but it also makes it easier to recognize your effort and see how your hard work pays off.

Keep yourself accountable for how you spend your time

In the end, the only person responsible for your success is you. So make sure you hold yourself accountable. Stop making excuses for yourself and putting off your dreams until it seems like a more convenient time in your life. News flash–now is just as good as time as any to put in the work to see your dreams become a reality.

2018 is more than just 4 seasons and 12 months. It’s 365 chances to take one step closer to your dreams. It’s an entire year’s worth of opportunities to make the success you always dreamed of. If you follow these 3 tips, you will be well on your way to success––sans the procrastination.