3 Reasons to Laugh The Tough Times Off For Your Health

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Humor

Life can be stressful. But intermixed in the madness can be times of happiness and livelihood that can be both enjoyable and beneficial for your health. It’s been publicized that stress and anger can hinder your day-to-day mental health to lead to severe health problems down the road. So why hasn’t the emphasis been put on why laughing off the tough times can make you happier and healthier? Science has presented dozens of reasons how humor can up your mood, but here are our three favorites for why you need a daily laugh.

It’s a natural relaxant.
Whether you are bought into the benefits of holistic practices or not, relaxation feels incredible from any source. Laughter has been proven to workout your lungs while working out the kinks in your mind and body. When you laugh, it actually stimulates respiratory health. This positive emotion causes an immediate increase in heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen consumption to increase circulation within your body. Solid times of laughter can reduce stress and put your body at ease.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.
People love to be around happy individuals that can joke around. When you are able to laugh at what people say, and even better, laugh at yourself, you are fostering an environment where people can freely speak around you. A healthy sense of humor can promote happiness in relationships and even bring individuals together. It’s no secret that frowns use more muscles than a grin and you’re proven to have a better mood by smiling, so crack that joke and turn the day around for you and friends.

Endorphins and antibodies galore.
The human body produces chemicals and acids that are vital to our daily functioning. Endorphin chains are one of those and the main contributor to feelings of well-being and relief. In some instances laughing and releasing endorphins in your body can alleviate physical pain as well. Ever heard of someone running and not feeling the pain? Yep, you guessed it. It’s the endorphins doing their work. The same applies to getting caught in a wacky situation of walking into a door you didn’t see. The tenderness and bruising will happen tomorrow, but in the moment you’re laughing and oblivious to the pain.

You can hop online to see the scientific details of how laughing can add a couple years onto your life. But for now, practice your one liners and goofy faces to make every day fun, funnier and freeing.